Friday, May 22, 2015

Round 80's End Table Makeover With Paint & A Belt

Sometimes I'm really slow in the head.  With this table, it was several things.  First off, my friend at church asked me if I was interested in an end table she was getting rid of.  Of course I said "sure" without ever seeing the thing.  When the Mister loaded it into my car in the church parking lot my first thought was "why did I say yes to this ugly thing?"  First mistake was that thought.  My vision must have temporarily flew off to la la land. 

I can't believe I don't have a before without a child popping their head out of it.
We played hide and seek one day and for the life of me I couldn't find my little girl and lo and behold she was sitting quietly in this table.  Like for a really long time.  

So then my kids decided it was funny to scare mom and pop out of it when I walked by.

Yup, it was totally 80's, the cheap plastic stuff.  I thought maybe I could blend in those scratches on top with my magical Old English Stain, but pfffft.  Nada.  So instead, I sanded it to take some of the shine off and painted it with an almost-black-with-a-hint-of-brown mistint.

Since the bottom was round and matched the top, it looked funny unpainted, so I did that too.  And the side "post" things.  For lack of a better term (I'm being slow in the head again).

  Now for handles.  I sure wasn't going to put the dated ones back on.  Those are fine for some pieces, but this table needed to get rid of it's 80's past in a bad way.  This is where I was slow-in-the-head for the second time.  I had cup pulls I wanted to replace them with.  The screws weren't long enough.  I searched high and low in my stashes and nothing worked.  I tried other pulls.  I did lots of head scratching.  This was supposed to be a quick one-hour do-it-all-at-home project.  And then after ABOUT AN HOUR the light bulb turned on.  HELLO, KAMMY! I JUST USED A BELT ON TOBIN'S DRESSER FOR PULLS! (Click HERE to see the dresser, which was featured on Hometalk!) It was the same two tone wood/paint look AND I still had just enough of the belt left for two more handles!!!  Wow, sometimes I really annoy myself and then pat myself on the back all in the same minute.

I must say that I adore it's new look and a owe a big thank you to Dave and Eunice for my "new" awesome table!  With an added bonus of storage inside.  Win, win!

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  1. So instead of doing the old trick---patting yourself on the head while rubbing your tummy---work on slapping your forehead while patting yourself on the back! ;-)

  2. Such a cool idea to use the belt as handles, it definitely made it look vintage in a fun way :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. This turned out awesome! I love the way it looks, but I too would have never thought to grab that from the before.


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