Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Uncovering And Upcycling The Layers

Meet the Sunroom. 
 The last completely untouched part of the house. 
 Well, as of few weeks ago.

Here's what it looked like:

Oy!!  Where does one begin?  
We'll start by taking off the tongue and groove paneling.  Each of which had several spiral (not just regular) nails holding them in place for extra security.  Hey, when the Lefere's did something, they did it well!

 Shout out to the Leferes by the way - look what I uncovered! :)  I love how how they signed and dated everything!!  Guess we should be doing that for the generations to come who tear apart our work??

So today we're focusing on what that yellow arrow is pointing to. 
 Anyone see it?

(And while you're looking, can anyone guess how many layers of wall we ended up taking off?)

Wood siding!  
 Oh, but all sorts of other surprises too....

So at some point, between 1920 and 1960 (yes I realize that is a large time gap), this sunroom was an addition.  I'm still working on uncovering that bit of history. 

I'm also extremely excited to reveal that plank wall!  Already done for me!  Yippeeeeeeeee!!

So back to the wood siding.
It gets ripped off, and thrown outside in the heap, where I then rummage through it and carry what I want over to the miter saw for some quick cuts.  I love that thing.

After giving it a good scrubbing, it's ready for some stenciled letters!

And like usual, I wish I had saved MORE!!!  It's just so easy to toss it all on the burn pile, thinking a half dozen or so will be plenty to save...   When will I learn?  It's always better to be a hoarder.  Ha.

Twas great to see you stop by the Korner.
And now I realize I need a comma after "Howdy".

Stay tuned, I can't wait to share when my grandiose ideas for this sunroom come to fruition!!
Which... will probably be whenever my Dad is brave enough to visit me again. :)

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  1. Fun to see what's under all the layers! And a nice surprise, too. Oh I don't know...I never put a comma after Howdy. I bet nobody will miss it. :D

  2. Holy cow, look at that shiplap baby! LOVE it! It's going to look great when you are done with it :-)

  3. I think it is better to be a hoarder--you can always throw it out later. LOL

    your link was the most clicked last week. :) therefore I am catching you



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