Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kid's Library On The Landing

When we moved in last August, I didn't know where I wanted anything!  I had no idea where to put my big crafting desk so I plopped it right against the wall on the landing.  Now, if you know me, you know I CAN NOT KEEP MY DESK OR CRAFTING TIDY!!!!  So you'd walk up the steps and your eyes would get completely assaulted with the appalling sight of dozens plus projects going on, my sewing machine piled high.... you get the point.  Here's the picture I stole of of the house listing when we bought it on an online auction since I couldn't find a before.  Nothing  too crazy different, just different paint color and holes in the walls where the sconce lighting was yanked.

So while mom was out a couple weeks ago and helped me paint the walls, she had all sorts of ideas whirling in her head.  This was her genius idea:  Make it a cozy reading area and put the big desk at the other end so it's not such a disaster attack to the unsuspecting visitor!  So you walk up the steps now and behold.......

A place where I frequently find my kids cozied up in the recliner, reading (or looking at pictures in this case) books!

I also had this old chippy cupboard door (which I found in the barn at our old house) down on the other end of the landing but it was so hidden that it needed a more prominent spot.  Totally perfect for this space!  Time can get away from you when you're stuck in a good book, you know. :)

It's not the lake, but check out the view from this window over the backyard!

Occasionally, I shoot my mom's crazy ideas down.  This time I embraced it fully and am loving it!
Thanks, Mom.  Sometimes, you really do have some genius ideas up there in that noggin'! :)

Some of the projects in this room:

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  1. I LOVE this little nook, as a kid I know I would've spent a ton of time in a place like this :)
    The view is pretty cute too. I would love to see more about your crafting space!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Fantastic!! You all have done a phenomenal job with the house!! And the nook is perfect.. so light and bright! Great idea mom!

  3. Looks perfect!! But where do you do your crafts now??

  4. LOVE this! Go Kammy's mom!

  5. Love your landing and the reading nook...and the view from your window is amazing too!

  6. Clearly your mama is a brilliant woman! :) What a great idea and it looks just wonderful! :)

  7. You have one smart mama! This is such a great idea! I love it and I bet your kiddos do too! Also LOVE the old windmill view out the window. My hubby has loved windmills since he was a munchkin. We have an old vane hung in our living room. :-)

  8. You bought that gorgeous home on an online auction??? I'm amazed !
    And I love what you did with that landing ( oh - to have a landing that size - it's just gorgeous ! )

  9. I adore your house and what you have done with it is nothing short of magical! I love this landing; a more perfect use of the space could not be found! I especially love your guest room...I may be painting my bedroom...(Maybe you mean "prominent" spot which means easily noticed or seen instead of "prolific" which means producing abundantly?)

    1. I can't believe I have gotten so behind in the publishing and responding to comments! I sure do appreciate your kind words and YES I did mean "prominent" - thanks for pointing that out! I guess changing it late is better than never, right? :)


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