Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Boy And His Hens

Yesterday while on the phone to my sister, I told her how my chickens are like little puppy dogs.  They follow me around the yard and when I call for them they put their heads down and run to me and it's so cute! Her response?  "Yeah Dan thinks you're such a redneck!"  Dan is her hubby, my good brother-in-law who was raised in total hick country!  What?  Does he not know that having backyard hens is the hippest thing going right now?  My older brother, who holds the title "doctor" in front of this name and lives on a busy city street has hens in his backyard!  He's anything but redneck, let me tell you. He does sophisticated things like attend symphonies and buys art from art shows. 

My little boy loves animals.  And I'm talking LOVE with a capital "L".  We had talked about getting some laying hens so we could have some fresh eggs.  Ty begged so I told him to get the pen ready.  Boy did he ever work hard cleaning out the old little transformer building.  We found chicken wire all rolled up in the barn (there are always treasures to find at this house and in it's buildings).  He and Tobin managed to get it out and rolled it clear across the property to it's spot.  Then Ty helped me clean up one of the wood cubbies that I also found a stack of out in the barn for them to roost in. (Remember I turned two of them into bookshelves?  See those HERE.)

Ty is now  hardly without a hen in his arms.  What, chickens like story time too!  Do you think this hen is getting some wild ideas from the tales of Mater?

They are con artists at escaping, even after I clipped their wings.  When they hear anyone outside, they want to be with them!  I decided to let them free range but ohhhhhh the poop.  WHAT TO DO WITH POOP on my back patio?  On my front porch?  On the step when I go to my car?  On the outdoor coffee table?  Okay, sorry you poopy birds.  No more free ranging for you.

Yes, one day I looked out the kitchen window to see this sight:

Scrambled eggs, anyone?
I told Ty, he better stop pulling stunts like this or the hens will be too traumatized to lay eggs!
He said they needed exercise.

So whether I'm uber hip or redneck, I kinda agree with Ty.  Chickens are pretty cool.

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  1. What an adorable post!!! Your kids & chickens are very lucky!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. This is adorable! My husband and I raise chickens for Koch (we have over 100,000) but I think yard chickens are just the best-if our company would let us have them, we'd have them too! I love the pictures of your little boy & his chickens, I'd say that's raising him right. Being kind to animals is the best thing anyone can be :)

    xoox, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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