Thursday, July 9, 2015

Steps For the back French Doors {Restoring the Lefere Mansion}

Oh man, this spot is in no way done -the big old doors going in to the basement are surrounded by rotten wood, and half the siding was new in the 90's, half is still from who-knows-when... BUT PROGESS, FOLKS!  We're here to see some progress! 

Let's see what this area looked like last year, this is in April before all the vines were covered in green and you could know longer even see  those cute little brick pillars or any of the patio:

'Twas a bit of a mess!  You can imagine the one of the reason they said "no" to house insurance was things like french doors that had no steps under them! :)

See those big white ugly pipes sticking out?  We paid someone to come move those to where you see them.  Bad spot, but you should have seen their location before (didn't get a pic).  They were smack under the doorway.  So there was no way to even put a step under the door on the left because you would step out onto the pipes.  When the Lefere's owned the home, the doors were windows - FYI. I have an old photograph that I will share further down. :)

This was kind of my father in law's project.  We were thankful for Jim's helping hand and the time he put into making us some atttractive steps so we didn't have such an eye sore but also so we could get some home insurance (along with 200 other improvements!).

If you follow my Kammy's Korner on Facebook, you'll recognize the old rusty iron bench I picked up free on the curb a few weeks ago.  My mom had the brilliant idea of setting it over the pipes to hide them.  It was a perfect fit!!

Since there are NINE  DOORS to choose from when someone comes over and people stand there scratching their heads looking puzzled as to which one to use, I thought a sign might help. :)
I don't know what happened to my poor coleus. 

Can anyone spot the windmill in the background? 

And for a little peek as to when Mrs Elsie Lefere had all her beautiful flowers and landscaping back in the 80's I'm guessing:

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  1. You're right - major improvement there! And great idea for the bench as a cover up! Nine doors, neat - I like houses with character. Now if only walls could talk...


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