Monday, August 31, 2015

Ten Awesome, Easy Salvaged Wood Signs

I know some of you get it.  That thrilling feeling you get when you discover a pile of old wood on the curb.  Or when Dad calls and says "I'm going to burn a pile of wood and junk unless you come get it first."  

When I want to relax and de-stress, I go to my pile of wood scraps, get out my paint brush and stencils and start creating.  Oh my goodness, the therapy from an afternoon of creating signs is almost as good as a face-to-face chin wag with my pal Maran.  Not quite though, Maran.  I'd still rather talk to you.  Well, how about converse while I paint....  both those pleasures happening at the same time and it'd be nearly Utopia.

So while I STILL can't manage to let my hubby see the need to let me hoard it all, I manage to snag my own stash from what is heading to the burnpile while we are doing this:

I mean, look at all that yummy wood waiting to be turned into something fabulous!!!  I'm glad they just kept layering it on, more for me when we rip off!! :)

I found a cute little chevron stencil and just used a light gray/blue acrylic craft paint on a bare wood board for the design below.  Add stenciled letters and you have a gorgeous statement piece!
I love using titles of old hymns on signs.  "Great Is Thy Faithfulness..." what a great reminder!

The wood paneling we pulled off of the sunroom wall was perfect for small signs.  I love making jute hearts - so easy.  I first cut a heart out of some sturdy fabric and then just hot glue the jute around the edge until it's all filled in.  The hearts are then glued to my sign using wood glue.

Thick pieces of old beadboard are fun to work with but the crack down the middle make letters a bit challenging....  I love that the color on these is already a light gray color.  I don't even have to paint them first!

Adding fun things like a piece of an old belt to add some pizz-azz...

Loved the way the paint was half peeled off of these already....  so rustic and delish! :)  It seems like th is verse "Be Still and Know That I Am God" resonates so much with people because whenever I paint it, it seems to sell lickity split.  Yup, it's a busy world and we need to "Be Still!"

Just a small piece I cut off the end of an an old board....  add white lettering and viola!

Love the patina that was on some of this ancient wood on our old historic home!
 Again, another old hymn title "Standing On The Promises".

Hope you enjoyed!  I think I'm going to get brave and have a craft booth at our local Parma Days this year.  So anything that doesn't sell, I will be probably be adding to my Etsy shop.  Wish me luck! :)

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  1. So many good ideas here! I love to horde old wood too! I really love the hymn titles you used here. Totally going to copy you! Thanks for the inspiration

  2. These are fantatsic! I know the feeling of destressing that a paintbrush can bring:) Pinning!

  3. Fabulous signs Kammy - love them all !

  4. Love all of these! Hope you'll swing by the #HomeMattersParty and link up. The door is OPEN until Monday end of the day.

  5. just wanted to know if there is a solution to use to get fabric not to bleed ink if it gets wet.


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