Saturday, August 8, 2015

Landscaping Around my Garden Shed

I've always wanted a garden shed.  With this house - I have a little garden shed!!   This here little area was a bit of a MESS before....  not even sure any of the sidewalk or cement between the cabin and garden shed was showing.  Using a spade to scrap away the dirt, vines, and weeds, it was fairly easy to uncover!  You can see the nice long brick lined sidewalk a few photos down but first let's get a load of what we were working with:

My hubby and I hooked a chain around the bushes and yanked them out with the tractor.  It was my first time using our new little John Deere tractor and I was hooked!  The front of the cabin still needs to be landscaped, but at least it's mostly cleared out for when the time comes.

My mom and I worked on this little project last time she visited:

The hostas look quite sad, but that's what happens when they are newly split and transplanted!  I got them  (along with the Autumn Joy which should add some magnificent color hopefully sooooon) from behind the house next door that we also bought and are renting out.

My mom brought me this old wagon wheel a few years ago.  I love it! In case you're wondering, that is an old root cellar in the background.  You can see the post I did about it and how far it's come HERE.

Can you tell my parents give me a lot of their old "junk"?  I love junk!  This tractor seat, I'm pretty sure, also came from them ages ago. :)  We thought it looked pretty cute plopped in the middle of the rocks.

Just a tad out of order here, but while we were working on this project, we were closely supervised by our feathered friends.  My little "Garden Shed" sign is painted on the metal part of a scoop I found buried in the dirt when I was ripping bushes out behind the the little cabin.

I was so happy to see the perfect shape this sidewalk was in after I uncovered it all the way!  Woot!

We have so many lath boards from tearing walls out that I had to salvage some and make a sign.  I saved a stash from the burn pile for a few future projects.

Some of you have heard me talk about the Parma trash days.  Well, I get so many goodies off the curb in our little town during that week and can you believe this darling little wooden cart was one of them?  Nothing wrong with it, cute as can be!  I transplanted some of the ivy ground cover that was taking over this area into the cart.  I love it in confined areas. :)  The little "pathway" is made from bricks I found buried in the dirt along the side of the shed. 

Someday I would love to take the old aluminium siding off of this little garden shed and see what the wood is like under it.  It also needs a metal roof slapped on top.  But for now, it's home to all my gardening tools and it makes me happy to see the flowers out my kitchen window!  Progress, folks.  Progress. 

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  1. Removing those bushes was a great idea.....I bet your shed is much lighter now with all that sun pouring thru those gorgeous windows! hugs....

  2. Well worth all your hard work. Your shed and garden area (and that flag you made) look wonderful.

  3. I love it all, especially how you used all the rocks!!! And that tractor seat-too cute!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I saw you over on Hometalk (I went to Spring Arbor), and am so glad I subscribed to your blog. Love the 'after' pictures. I can't believe that gorgeous walkway was under all the vines and dirt. I used to get a lot of 'antiques' --aka someone's trash-- when I lived out there. Love the wooden flag.

  5. This is an amazing transformation you did. I love little sheds. This is just adorable!!

  6. That landscaping looks great, Kammy! I LOVE the rocks with the hostas. Hosta gardens are one of my favorites! It looks great!!

  7. Wow you have a talent for this, it looks amazing! A little patch of heaven, I wish I could make half as much progress around here, you are killing it Kammy!

  8. So much work and you've managed to add so many nice touches. The wagon wheel and tractor seat are sweet!!! Love your flag too :)

  9. Oh Kammy, it is all so beautiful! Wonderful job and I'm gathering some ideas from it. And wow, what a fantastic root cellar you have too! Lucky you! Do you have an historic home?
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh Kammy. I love your shed. You've done a beautiful job decorating around it. I loved the visiting chickens. I miss having chickens. I just know your going to have some Fabulous Fall decorating going on soon. I'd love to invite you to my Fabulous Fall linky party. Feel free to link any Fall themed post from now till Halloween. Of course your lovely garden shed looks fallish to me. Come on by and join the party. BTW I am following you. I can't wait to come back over and see what your up to. Have a great weekend.

  11. Visiting from Funky Junk's party. Love your little shed cleanup!


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