Friday, September 25, 2015

Old Windows for School Pride

I have a super large stash of old windows right now.  Most of them from our house as we've replaced most of them this year!  

I'm having a little craft booth at our little town's Harvest Festival tomorrow.  So I decided to make some "school pride window decorations".  

For the "Panther Pride" one, I stenciled the letters on the back.  Now this is very challenging for a person like me.  You have to do it backwards.  Eek!  I even wrote it backwards on a paper to refer to and I STILL GOT THE "D" WRONG!  HELLO, Kammy, it's even showing in this picture!  Maybe that's why it happened - I was distracted with taking a picture instead of noticing which way the "D" was going.

No, I didn't notice it until I turned around and ARG!  KAMMY!  

I scraped it off with a razor blade, redid it, and then spray painted over the whole back with some hammered dark bronze spray paint.  And I only used that color because DRAT IT ALL, my can of black spray paint was clogged.  I was going to go for the chalkboard look.... sigh.

Now this one had glass on the bottom but not the top.  So I put a Western sticker on the bottom with two clothes pins glued on with Gorilla Glue for photos or whatever and then put chicken wire on the top.  You can clip memoirs on it, or hang those medals hard earned by the kiddos. :)

It's a little difficult to try to photograph a window (well for this photography challenged girl anyway) but here they are:

Now I'll cross my fingers that they sell tomorrow. :)

Go Western Panthers!!!

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I got several old windows when my mother in law's best friend redid hers and I've been looking for unique ways to use!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. What great ideas!!! And trust me, I would have made the same mistake with the "D"!!! Happy Fall!!!


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