Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rustic Ladder with Upcycled Arrow Sign

So if you've followed along for long on this blog, you know I have a little infatuation with ladders.  
I really didn't think I had another need to for one in my house... but every single morning, after the kids get on the bus, I sit in that little rocking chair and drink my coffee and relishing the quiet when my eyes would inevitable fall on that huge blank wall over the stairs.  It bothered me.  A lot.  Until last week I decided I had to do something about it!

It would need to be something rustic to go with the rustic salvaged wood photo display going up the stairs.... and it would have to be something long and narrow...  well by George, who cares if I already have three in the house - let's bring in a fourth! 

Now if a project is tedious and difficult, I'm more than likely not going to do it.  No, simple is the name of the game when I decorate!

I went to my stash of salvaged wood pieces from old siding and what-not we yanked off the house and found this perfect crackled paint board.  I cut in the shape of an arrow on the table saw, added my stenciled letters, and then drilled holes in two places at the top in which I could put some rope through.

Yes, it really was as simple as that!  Stenciled it, tied it on the ladder with the jute twine, and then....

Mr. Long Arms got to practice his acrobats and screwed it on the wall.  
Now a few years ago, I would have had to put up a fight, complete with boxing gloves, to get him to do this.  And I was ready.  But he didn't bat an eye.  Just asked me where I wanted it exactly.
My, you've come a looooong way, Baby.

It's only been hanging there for a few days and already the Biblical message (Jeremiah 24:15) of "Choose You This Day" has helped direct me when I've gotten out of focus.  Choose to hear God's voice.  Choose to be productive.  Choose not to gossip.  We are faced with choices every second  - Choose this day who you will serve - God or the world/self.

Other ladders in my home:

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  1. I love this! Gorgeous and such a simple project :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Love the ladder and sign!! :)

  3. Love the daily reminder set before your eyes & how this will be embedded into the hearts & minds of your family daily. "As you walk along the way"

  4. Hey! I love the ladders hanging on the wall.
    How did you safely hang it on the wall? I have a massive wall and a massive old ladder and I am curious!!!
    Thanks :)


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