Tuesday, November 10, 2015

EASY Pallet Message Center


SO YES, I'VE BEEN REPURPOSING, UPCYCLING, AND REFURBISHING FOR YEARS AND CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS IS MY FIRST REAL PALLET PROJECT?!  (I can't really Claim Tobin's pallet loft bed as "mine" since I made my hubby do it). :)

And also, YES, that is our huge old windmill in the background!!!!!  Isn't it lovely?  Well, it needs some bad TLC, but hopefully once Cameron McCormick gets his hands on it THEN it will be lovely!

People aren't a kiddin' when they say pallets aren't easy to dismantle!  I really thought I would salvage the three pallet boards I pulled off for some beautiful signage buttttttt they splintered and cracked and I thought what the heck, I have plenty more where that came from....

So I just removed three of the boards (just removed - as in yank, pry, pop a hernia), leaving one remaining across the bottom, and then cut the top half off with a sawzall...

Then I went rummaging around in one of our sheds that I haven't thoroughly explored yet since moving here last year and came upon this heap of goodness:

And got me three clipboards which I scrubbed up and painted with chalkboard paint.
DIY chalkboard paint of course. :)

As you can see, each clipboard is just attached with a screw in the corners and I put a board across the bottom so the kids' folders and books down clamour to the floor and viola, Baby!  Message board for free! :)  AND I LOVE IT!  And maybe NOW I'll stay a little organized with the kids's school crap papers.  

I forgot to mention, I did take a my palm sander to the rough wood and also used a gel stain to give the pallet a richer look. :)

And see, I wasn't JUST being lazy by not pulling out all those nails... where else would you hang  your favorite Michigan hat?

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  1. This is so seriously cool, Kammy! I had to laugh at your description of taking that thing apart. You are not kidding! That's why I collect rotten ones! haha

    Featuring you on FB on Sunday and pinned! Thanks for linking up to Party Junk!


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