Thursday, November 12, 2015

Horsing Around With Signs

A few years back, I found a vintage metal bucket full of horse shoes at a flea market down south.  Not the kind of flea market where vendors set up the same chinese made junk every weekend.  No folks, the things real flea markets are supposed to be made of - tables set up with heaps of rusty junk, folks trying to make an extra dime off of all the crap that's been sitting in their barns collecting dust for decades, the kind of flea market where a local farmer pulls in with chickens in the bed of his truck to sell - THAT kind of flea market!!!!  (Shipshewana, are you taking notes?!)

The price on the horseshoes seemed right, so I snatched them up.  Now, several years later, they are still sitting, mostly untouched, in my shop. 

Since I've been having fun making animal stencils, I knew the time was right to pair the horse stencil I cut out with some signs and dust off those horse shoes.

This one didn't get graced with a horseshoe, but I love the simplicity of this "horse love" sign.  I do not personally have any horses, but I live near a small town and while I am mowing the local Ice Cream Dairy, it is not uncommon for girls to come through the drive thru on horseback!!!  Yes, I love our little country town of Parma.

 The sign above and below are both painted on wood scraps we tore off our house during renovations.

And since we're on the subject of God's majestic creatures, I just gotta show you the beautiful rusty beast that sits on my "barble":

And if you love him, Custom Cut Decor does awesome things with rusty metal!

Custom Cut Decor

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