Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2 Ways To Use The Cut Off End Of Wood You Were About To Discard

I was cutting these salvaged-from-my-corncrib boards to size to make my awesome storage boxes under the window seats and was just tossing all the scrap pieces in the trash can to get burned later. 

 Then my hoarder/thrifty/creative thoughts struck me and I dug them all back out....

 They were thick enough to stand up by themselves.  I said to myself "Oh let's have some fun with these and do some "reverse" stenciling!" I punched the letters out of my new stencils and laid the letter on the wood and then dabbed my white paint around the letter.  This is messy, so if you're doing this don't worry if you're fingers are covered in paint!  It's just gotta be that way.

 I didn't mean to actually spell "CAT", I was just doing random letters thinking I could throw them all in a basket and sell them for a buck each at a craft show. :)

Idea NUMBER ONE: reverse stencils for cute decor to set around.

Beautiful snowflake.  I actually manged to cut the snowflake out on my Silhouette Cameo.  Go me.  Yes, I really am proud of finally figuring out how to cut something.

And everyone be needin' an arrow these days so point it in the right direction and have fun with this!

Okay and now for my SECOND idea:

Modge Podge to the rescue!

My friend Marie Smith is known for her stupendous abilities to create awesome Bible verse fridge magnets and printables.  She gave a me a sheet of verses that were intended to be fridge magnets but I had a different idea - decoupage them on to the chunk of wood scrap and then hang it by some jute rope.  Cute-O! :)

Here's a graphic to pin if you like this idea!  
And yeah, make sure it's a laser printed image or I'm pretty sure the ink will smear.  
I used an inkjet once... ugh.  mess!

Thanks for stopping in and here's your pinnable image!  
Yes, I'm catching on to those finally. :)

Now since there are so many creative minds out there,
what have you done (or would you do) with tiny bits of scraps that aren't big enough for much?

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  1. Love them all, you are so creative!

  2. I do the same thing Kammy- throw them in the "burn" box!
    But I've often thought about using some of them to make a "parquet'd" table top. I'm sure there are many more ideas to come- but they DO make great fires! ; D

  3. great ideas Kammy! I have thrown out so many end pieces while doing my picket fence. They were chemically treated, so I threw them away so I wouldn't be tempted to use them down the road. :(

    1. I think these are super cute!!! I have not taken the leap to wood working yet, but when or if I do I hope I can come up with creative ideas like you!!!

  4. Love this! Great way to use up those little pieces. Pinning!


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