Monday, January 11, 2016

Make Your Home More Open - Cut An Indoor "Window" (Without As Much Mess!)

Yes, I like to know what's going on! All the time!  Which means when I'm spending time in the kitchen, I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SEE OUT!  So when we were doing our latest remodel project, I wanted to make sure I got the views I wanted.  

To keep the dust at bay on the kitchen side, this trick proved to be pretty awesome.
My dad cut the "window" out of the drywall with his sawzall and I stood on the other side with my shop vac attachment right directly under where the blade was cutting so any dust would instantly get sucked up instead of flying all over and getting into every nook and cranny.  There was still some, but not much!!  I had to stay very alert to make sure I stayed right with the blade.  Sounds dangerous, but naw, really wasn't.  I mean, you don't want a maniac running the saw on the other side or anything- then it might be dangerous...

Taking out the big cut piece of drywall is quite a triumphant and satisfying feeling.  


Shall we rewind a moment?  I love these flash backs to when we bought the house and had begun tearing in to it!  Wowzers, where Dad is standing is where the window we cut now is.  Dude.  I'm not sure what my pretty mom is posing for over there.  She been hard at work, no doubt.  She's allowed a glamour shot now and then.  Hi, Mom!

See?  Having that little pass through window just adds that much more light in the kitchen and allows me to just a tad more of what the going-ons are!  Don't leave me in the dark!!!!

Here's the view from the other side- the sunroom.

Okay now don't wet your pants, but check out THIS before and after!!!!

I'll show you the AFTER  first....

And here it is just one and a half years ago!  Wouldn't your prime rib taste so much better looking at all those brown flowers during dinner?

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  1. Wow! The before is awful! It looks so beautiful now! You have done an amazing job (and your parents too!). I like how the little window really opens things up. Have a great weekend!

  2. simply amazing.....such insight and vision to see what it could be!!

  3. You know I always love all of your amazing projects, love the room open :)


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