Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rescued Barn Door From a Forsaken Iowa Farm

On the estate we live, there are plenty of cool old barn doors - including some sliding ones.  So when my mom called from an old abandoned acreage that my uncles farm around and asked if I wanted an awesome barn door, I told her I really didn't need her to haul one from Iowa all the way to Michigan for me.  But THEN she texted me this picture:

I immediately called her back and screamed "I'LL TAKE IT!!!"  Then blubbered in agreement over the gorgeous hardware.  

Here is a picture of the back side of this neglected and dilapidated old barn - you can see a track laying on the ground from another sliding door if you look closely.

Here's a picture of the house that is barely still standing.  I've gotten a few "treasures" out of that myself. 

It was a very wide door and we only needed half it's size for the space so Dad cut it down to the size I wanted.  We took it outside to remove all the dirt and then just in case there were any little buggers living in the wood, I gave it a major coating of bug killer spray.  I know, not the best "green" option, but better than risking anything!

My mom sure gets a lot done for standing around with a coffee in her hand! :)

Here's the wall before we cut the door out:

Cutting out the doorway... using my much-less-mess trick that you can see HERE. 

And it's hung!  The board that the track is on is original and I wanted to keep it so bad because I loved it's rustic chippy white paint but the crown moulding wouldn't quite fit with it so we had to take the track off.  Look at my awesome parents... smiling and so proud of the door they brought for me. ;)

Now all I need is the perfect rug!  Still searching. :)

 Though we don't ever shut it, I do like the look of the backside!

We made a little latch by simply bending a nail.  Don't want this to be a toy for the kids - how fun would some hyper children thing sliding this door right off the end would be!  We put a big nail at the top of the track to stop that from happening too.... just in case!

Close up of this super cool old hardware!

One of the best parts of this?  It didn't cost anything!!!! :)  
Just the way I like it.  Free. 

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  1. I love your door and this amazing job!

  2. Aside from the neat hardware & wood, it's cool to add the history of a family relic.

  3. Oh dear, I LOVE IT! It doesn't get much better than that!


  4. What a great find. Looks fabulous in its new place.

  5. I want to live in your house. You have the best parents.

  6. Love the barn door!!! I have 2 barn doors just like that that I open every day, but they are on the barn...I would LOVE them in the house! We have an "L" shaped piece of wood that the bottom of the door slides into on both ends that keep the doors from sliding off...I've missed them a few times when the wind is blowing like crazy but managed to stop the door before the wheel came off the track!! Smart to make sure both sides were protected from that craziness!!! It is a perfect fit for the room, matching the your house and what you have done with it!!

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  8. Simply stunning!!! The hardware is just gorgeous!!!

  9. Awesome, awesome, awesome. In case you couldn't tell I love it!

  10. Holy smokes, I adore this door and decor. :) Seriously wonderful. I found your blog through your post on Hometalk and feel giddy goodness. Dang, if I just didn't have to go to work today, I'd be browsing your blog for a looong time.
    Love love love the door and I am not even a huge fan of indoor barn doors. :)
    ~ Christina in FL

  11. I love, love, love your walls and room. I love the white and the bright light from all the windows. The barn door is fabulous! Great decision to cut out a doorway and hang that barn door. I love the floors, the table, the benches...everything! I think I would be spending all my time in this room.

  12. Drool worthy and perfect!! I love it so so so much!!

  13. I love, love, love your new/old barn door. One of those has been on my wish list for a few years now. Nice job!
    P.S. I'm a new follower!


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