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Top 10 Projects of 2015 on Kammy's Korner

And while most people are churning out their top ten post for the year at the END of that year...
Here I am as usual, churning it out four days in to the NEW year. :)

I'm looking back today, and excited to look forward tomorrow!

I'm entirely positive there will never quite be a year of projects like there was last year. 
It border lined insane.  These top ten are just that - what I've decided were the very top ones.  There were bathroom makeovers, mantels, and reading nooks that didn't even make it on to this list.  Twas difficult indeed to narrow it down but here we go in no particular order:

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Have fun!

The mud room was one area we had to just completely gut and start over with:

My stairs/foyer was an eyesore and I'm so happy to have the job of painting those out of the way!

By far the biggest indoor project of this year was taking out a closet and wall and putting a built in table in it's place.  We call it our "barble" (bar/table).  We also opened up the sunroom and made that livable but I haven't done a post by itself on that yet. :)

We are thrilled to have the house insulated and resided, with freshly painted shutters and pillars and American Flags mounted.  Our gas bill was one third this December of what it was last December!  That could be because of El Nino too, of course. :)

With a sunroom that we could now use, I just had to have some window seats!
These ended up costing just over $20 to make and are definitely one of my favorite projects from 2015!

This was also a favorite.  The hubby put this mantel together one afternoon using scraps he found in the barn.  I can STILL hardly believe the before and after!  Pssst - we have a gas log that looks oh-so-real now in there instead of old suitcases!  Nice. 

And then there was this fireplace (which ALSO now is home to a nice gas log, so the trunk is a coffee table in a different room) that I decided needed to have a tile look instead of that pink granite and I took the plunge and painted/stenciled - gasp - the granite.

Then there was this bedroom makeover.  What a HUGE change. Our guests should be quite happy they won't ever have to sleep in the scary "before".  Every person that sees the walls now comments on the lovely old bead board.  And most hardly believe me when I tell them we used textured wallpaper to get the look!

This was another one of those "built with stuff from the barn" projects.  My son LOVES his bed built from a giant pallet our metal roofing came on and old fence posts:

And last but not least....  this bathroom.  Not that we really changed it much.... ;)

I can't leave however, without sharing with you the MOST IMPORTANT post from last year. 
It was not a project at all, but a real life tragedy turned triumph story of my dad's near drowning experience when we were all vacationing down in Mexico last January and how he was miraculously rescued by a stranger named Stuart, a fishing boat, and God!

Follow along to see what 2016 brings!!
(Hopefully no more brushes with death!)

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What was YOUR favorite project from 2015??

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  1. I can't even describe how inspired I am by all you have done this past year, seriously! I love it all, and want to be just like you when I grow up! ;) Hugs!! Here is to another great year!


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