Friday, March 11, 2016

Grandpa's Old High Chair

A few years ago, we inherited the highchair that my father-in-law and his older siblings ate their little toddler meals in.  How sweet!  But by then, my kids had outgrown highchairs and it's been collecting dust.  I tried to sell it, but nobody seemed to want it, and nobody else in the family cared.  Sniff, sniff. Where's the sentiment, people? ;)

I even had a "before" picture of it but since I have up trying to sell it I must have deleted it off of my phone.  Then I decided to paint it black and OH it's so cute now!

And you know what?  The good Lord didn't allow it to sell because he knew I'd be needin' it!
I'm not babysitting a sweet little boy who loves to make a mess all over the newly painted black finish.  The old metal tray comes right off so I can easily wash it.

No, it's not OSHA safe by any means....the strap was broke and I tossed it.  But I keep a close eye on him so he doesn't topple out.  And it gets used once a week at the most.
 Don't worry, his mama knows what he eats in, I okay-ed it with her. ;)

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  1. We use an old wooden highchair for our babies too! I just do what my grandmas did & use a big, flour sack type kitchen towel to "strap" them in. Works great!

  2. Really cute!!! I never saw a highchair with that kind of removable tray!!!


  3. Sometimes, I feel that OSHA guidelines are for people who lack commonsense...I used an old highchair with my children and just used care...I strapped them in and was with them, watching them. Lots and lots of kids and families made do. Old cribs? No, there are dangers, for sure. But...with care, like you are following, means an heirloom can be used.
    Not trying to preach...

  4. I use an old wooden highchair.booster chair with both of my kids, never a strap....It's amazing they've lived this long!

  5. Pretty neat how old it is. And love the removable tray.


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