Friday, August 19, 2016

Rope Words, Denim Hearts, and A Chippy Board

My sons wear out jeans like two year olds who just learned the word "why" wear out their moms.
Could be partly because they're probably the third child to have worn them... I've never bought my boys new jeans.  We have been very blessed to receive lots of hand-me-downs from the good folks around us!!  So I have this huge stack of jeans and I've been having lots of fun being creative with them.  From making my little girl a skirt (which I'll show you just as soon as I can get her to model it for a photo shoot!), to a cute denim purse, or just having fun with these denim hearts......

I've been wanting to try making rope words for a while now and this seemed like the perfect project for that!  It was  easier than I thought. Dude, love it when that happens. I just hot glued a little at a time, but since it dries so fast, forming the letters was not as painstaking as I thought it'd be.  Just don't use too much glue, or it's easy to burn your fingers, since you need to push the jute down into the line of glue.  Go slow, and a small bit at a time, or you'll have a mess on your hands.  Then trim the end and glue it down. 

I stenciled a "black bird on a branch" on to this chippy painted white board I've had in my stash, then used wood glue to adhere the jean hearts to the wood (hot glue doesn't usually stick real well to wood).

To hang this, I screwed two hooks into the top and used some more jute to tie around each hook.  Man, that jute comes in handy.  It's one of my favorite things to keep on hand!  

Me and You.  We love each other.  And the bird.  We love the bird, too.

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