Monday, September 12, 2016

Simple Burlap Bow Around Chippy Board Sign

When you have to yank it off, might as well repurpose it!  Pretty sure this board came from right about where the bottom of Tim's ladder is, off the outside of the sunroom.  This delightfully chippy wood was all hidden underneath ugly aluminum siding and oh how I wish we could have restored the look BUT for reasons I won't go into...  we didn't. :(  So I'm having fun creating with the wood I cut up and added to my "salvage stash."

I cut a long piece of burlap, tied a knot in the middle of it and then just used a staple gun to attach the ends around the back of the board.

The letters are stenciled on, and I used Cutting Edge's Birds On A Branch stencil for the leaves overlapping  it onto the board in the spaces between the words.  It's a huge stencil, but I love using just small sections of it for projects like this. 
Here's one of the teachers using this "technique" at one of my sign painting classes:

I had actually put the lettering on this board as an example of what the different letters looked like for a sign painting class I was hosting (I'll say hosting rather than teaching because I didn't excel in the "teaching" department). 

Ms. Haney, our awesome school principal, chose to paint her sign on a piece of the chippy white wood which she actually painted a light aqua blue over... and it turned out so cute (wish I had a picture of her finished product):

I have more signs in the works using this awesome chippy old salvaged wood from off of the old "Lefere Mansion" so stay tuned.  :)

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  1. Just can you tell if it is safe? I have heard that lead and /or asbestos can be in the old paint and siding.

    1. Lead paint is only really a problem if you're scraping it and breathing in the dust or eating it. So I'm not too worried.... but that's just me.


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