Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Camouflaging Wood Damage {Dumpster Dresser}

Once a year, our little town has "trash day" where all week long people put their crap on the curb , and then on Saturday, it all gets picked up.  You can guess what happens all week before the truck comes!  People like me are racing other people like me to dig through the piles.  I used to be a little sheepish about it, now it's like WOO HOO - JUNK ON THE CURB!!!  Talk about the ultimate opportunity to churn out some "Trash to Treasure" projects!  

This was my haul from this spring:

Even I seriously questioned my sanity when I grabbed that dresser... it was so rough looking with a missing drawer.... but come on now. Since when did that ever scare me?  Throw it in the vehicle!

Once I got all the old paint scraped off of the top, there was this nasty spot under the paint that just got gunky when I sanded.... then I took a straight edge screw driver and tried to scrape what seemed to be solidified green slimey wood.... and I was just gouging the top like none other.  So I decided to just stop trying to get rid of it (because I kept making things worse!!) and camouflage it instead!  I know, I could have probably just painted it, but I was being real stubborn wanting to keep my original idea of refinishing the wood on top.

My sister-in-law buys me the best birthday presents ever.  We are so totally opposite, yet she knows me to a "T"!!  A new stencil!

Check it out!  Who even notices the damaged spot on the wood now?  Not me!
Kinda seems like I did things backwards doing the top before the rest but whatevs.

I painted the rest of the dresser black, and then used the table saw to cut a piece of wood to use as a shelf where the missing drawer was on the bottom.
Never let missing drawers scare you! :)

Kammy Hayes Wielenga Table Saw

My mom just happened to have brought me some baskets when she visited last that couldn't have fit more perfectly!!  Sometimes it's just those things like that that make me go "wow!".  Kind of like when I order a swimsuit off the internet and it actually fits....

This will probably be going in my booth at the BRAND NEW Parma Antique Mall which I'm so excited to be a part of!!! 

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  1. Great solution! It looks totally different! I would be tempted to switch the basket to the top section, but I'm guessing the bottom drawer glides are missing, too. A+ on your choices of paint & stencil!

  2. What an awesome idea! It looks totally awesome!

  3. you did a great job on this throw-away piece. Anyone would be very pleased to have it. Love the stencil...

  4. Spectacular. I like the top with the top with the stencil and the black cabinet. I think the basket instead of the drawer brings a coordinating touch to the color of the top of the piece. I also like that you kept the original pretty hardware. It is a talent to take something and envision a finished product.

  5. Love the dresser! Just found your blog and am enjoying going through all of your past posts. Would you be so kind as to post where the gorgeous stencil was purchased? I'm been looking for something along that line for quite a while - thanks so much!

  6. What kind of paint did you use to paint the rest of the dresser?

  7. I love this trash to treasure!!! Great job!!!


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