Monday, February 6, 2017

How To: Faux Tin Using Wallpaper! {Cabinet makeover}

Howdy, Y'all!  
It's been quiet on the blog because I've been down in warm places gettin' my tan on!
Don't be jealous.... if it helps make you feel better my head is feeling super dizzy from being on a boat for five days!  I know, I know, the hardships of cruisin'. :)
The real hardship is going to be trying to get all this extra weight off that I felt was so necessary to pack on the last few days!  Doht!

Anyways, I got a project to share with you that I did a couple of weeks ago and I'm pretty crazy about the way it turned out!

I've thought about redoing this cabinet ever since my friend Marie gave it to me.
I'm pretty sure it's a one of a kind hand-made piece, which of course I love!  Anything that is homemade is extra special, even if it has some quirks.  She had bought it at a garage sale and painted it and redone it in a dark brown color with a soft suede-ish fabric over cardboard on the inserts in the cabinet doors.

This is where it sat in our old house and what it looked like:

In our "new" place, it is in the upstairs hallway, housing extra blankets and pillows. Since there is no natural lighting to be found in said hallway, it was just adding a lot of extra darkness!  It was finally time to tackle the hallway project (blog post to come!) and so while the paint was out and I was giving the hallway a makeover anyway, I decided to redo this big cabinet at the same time.

First, out came the inserts.  I was surprised to see a big smile greeting me when I took the staples out of the fabric Marie had covered the backs of the inserts with!  And guess what the inserts are actually made of?  Just plain ole' cardboard!

I found my roll of paintable wallpaper (left over from my faux tin backsplash at our old house, see that HERE).

I was pretty excited that two would fit side by side so I wouldn't have to waste an inch of this pretty stuff!!!

Since the staples would have stuck right out the other side of the cardboard, I decided to hot glue it on.


Then I carried them to the creepy room in the basement to give them the "tin treatment".
I used Rust-oleum metallic hammered spray paint.

It took two coats to get a nice even look.  Be careful when handling so the wallpaper doesn't tear!

Using small finish nails, I hammered them on on the backside of the doors.
The cabinet got painted with high gloss white paint and it took at least three coats!

Close up look at the wallpaper which totally looks like real tin!

Here's a shot of what it looked like in my hallway BEFORE any paint (but after wallpaper and green carpet gone!).

And after!
Like a breath of fresh air! :)

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Stay tuned to see more fun things I did in this hallway makeover!

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