Thursday, January 26, 2017

I Tried Car Wax On A Painted Dresser Makeover....

In my last post I wrote about my "garden fresh pea" friend, Maran, because she gave me a cute little table that I gave a makeover (read that post HERE).  Well, she ALSO sent me home with this dresser - WOOT WOOT!  Tis a beaut!

The wood was in pretty rough shape with some deep gouges on the top so I opted for painting the top.  I wanted to keep some of the wood look though, since I love the two tone look so decided to keep the drawers and beautiful sides untouched, except with some Restor-A-Finish stain.

It doesn't look too bad in it's "before" picture, but trust me, it was rougher than it appears!

So here I am, hauling furniture into my formal living room because it's too cold to work outside!
Yeah, I love it.  Wouldn't you love sandpaper dust and paint flying around in your formal living room?

So I'm not going to bore you with the details of the DIY chalk paint I used or anything... but what I AM going to say is I decided to try wax on this dresser.

But not furniture wax.
Turtle Wax.  For cars.  Because someone once told me it works great, they had tried it, and wax is wax.

Run away from people like that.


But it did NOT work for me!!

 It started with a conversation with my hubby:

Me: Hey Tim!  I'm trying your turtle wax on this dresser!  I heard that it works great!
Hubby: Hmph.
Me: It's green.... it won't dry green, right?
Hubby: Don't you know how car wax works?!
Me: No.  Enlighten me.
Hubby: Well ya know it's to shine your car up. You don't just smear it on and leave it, you have to buff it off. 
Me: YEAH! Wax onnnn, Wax off!  So it won't dry green.... right?
Hubby:  And it fill in cracks.  But it's for cars....
Hubby: of course it doesn't dry green.
Me: I'm sure going to be excited if this works!!
Hubby: Hmph

Okay so I read then where you need to wait an hour (or a couple if it's below 70 and I've been keeping my house at 60 degrees because I get more done because I gotta keep moving to stay warm) before you "buff" it off with a clean, dry rag.
I waited, and then started buffing.  It was still green, by the way.  And smelled a little nasty.
It wiped off, but didn't seem to leave any sort of shine.  Or coating.  Or anything... but I didn't know what I was expecting.... so I decided to leave it overnight and check it in the morning.

Still green.  Still the same. STILL STINKY.   I spend the next while buffing.  And wiping.  And "wax off"ing.  
Then my patient self yells "FORGET IT!!!!" to noone but the cat.  I've just wasted hours of my life I'll never get back!!!!!!!!!

I counted to ten, chewed some acidophilus tablets, and got a hot, wet rag and started getting off every smidgen of cockamamie Turtle Wax possible and then repainted over the whole top.  This time, I sealed it with polyacrylic.  End of story.

I distressed the edges with sandpaper. :)

Every since finding two boxwood balls on clearance at Gordman's for $1.50 each I've been on a boxwood ball rampage.  I think they are PERFECT on these old mattress bed springs!!!

A photo for you to Pin! :)

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  1. I love the gray with the wood. Great job.

  2. I use the spray on Turtle Wax and it SHINES UP fabulously! Give it a try. You will LOVE IT!

  3. I love the two toned and how you kept some of the wood showing! My husband and I bought our first home back in July & they left some old furniture laying around, I have been working on re-painting it all and am going to post about it later this week. It's crazy how much a paint job can change the looks of a piece!


  4. Girl! It turned out so great! I'm glad I gave it to you to give some love and bring it back to life again. And thanks for the car wax part of this lovely story, it gave me quite a chuckle.


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