Friday, January 20, 2017

Two Tone Chunky Table and a Cow Makeover

I have a good junkin' buddy named Maran.  I've brought her name up a time or two or twenty on this blog because she and I are like two peas in a pod, only I'm the shriveled up yellowed pea and she's the crunchy delicious pea that you would want to eat straight up fresh out of the garden.  I like to think of her as a much more sophisticated version of myself.  She has a beautiful way of saying things, while eloquence of speech seems to totally elude me no matter how hard I wish it to flow from my luscious lips.  I know I must have luscious lips because once I was in the Lowe's hardware store and a woman - who looked about two decades my senior - walked straight up to me and told me so, asking me what kind of lip gloss I was wearing to achieve my "luscious lips" look.  Hmmmm.  Something from the Dollar Tree??

How did I get sidetracked into lips.  Maran.  Maran and I were junking.  We both loved this table.  She loved it and I didn't need it, so being a good junking buddy, I let her take it home.  Fast forward a few years.  I leave the peaceful countryside of Michigan to  help her pack up her belongings in Chicago to move to another way-too-heavily-populated-destination-for-my-liking and low and behold but what to my wandering eyes do I see but this sad little table in her garage.  You guessed it.  She sent it home with me. :)

So what happens when it's winter in Michigan and I can't go out to work in my freezing cold unheated workshop?  The work shop gets brought in.  To my formal living room.  Yeah, it's super awesome to have paint projects right next to all my fancy furniture.

I painted the bottom of the table with a homemade DIY gray chalk paint (left over from the bedroom floor I painted/stenciled in Gidley Station which you can see HERE) and used Restor-A-Finish to make the wood top beautiful again.  I wanted it to look rustic, so I didn't do anything to it other than clean it.  Then using a clean old rag, rubbed the Walnut colored stain over the top.  I have no idea who sent me this wonderful stuff in the mail, but I'm grateful, using it, and loving it!

Ain't she CUTE?

I gotta give you some insight into what you see decorating the table before you move on
in the world wide web of entrapment.

See anything in this pile of junk I found in the barn?
Yes - see that pile of clipboards??
I painted a bunch of them with chalkboard paint.
And I just love digging through the old junk in my barn and finding amazing things like clipboards!
(May I insert here, that this fall while digging UNDER this makeshift table full of clipboards and books, I also found a Christmas tree, in the box, still UNOPENED and wrapped in bubble wrap with lights and pinecones and oh I sure loved having two trees up this year!)

And the white cow....  it used to be a kitschy little thing until it met up with some high gloss white spray paint.  It took a several coats to cover up the black and green and you can STILL see it just a tad... but only if you really stop and study it.  I love him all white with my faux greenery (the only kind I can keep alive) in it!

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This adorable little rustic side table is waiting to be an end table or nightstand in your house and it CAN be because it's in my cute little booth over at the


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  1. You are so lucky to have a barn with so many treasures to pick through! I live over by Lake Odessa and plan on checking out your booth sometime soon. All your projects are so nice. You have a true talent.

  2. Everything looks lovely. I am not one who can see the possibilities in things. But I enjoy seeing the work of those who can.


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