Monday, January 16, 2017

Our Guest Room Retreat {Updates}

If you know me, you know once I have a room decorated the way I like, it's not likely to change for a long time!  In fact, nothing would probably ever change if it weren't for my mom coming to visit!  I'm all like "well that room makeover was a lot of work.  I'm done with it for the next decade!"

She called this fall from a Kohl's in Iowa.  She had found these pretty curtains that had a super vintage look to them and she thought they'd be awesome in my guest room.  It's the year 2016, and she could have just texted me a photo, but I guess we forgot it's 2016 and I couldn't picture them in my mind so she bought them anyway and brought them when she came to visit.  I loved them!  But they totally clashed with the area rug so thus began the switching up of rugs, furniture, and new wall decor!
(Click HERE to see what it looked like before, all the way back to ripping up carpet, etc).

So here you go!
Enjoy this photo tour of our guest room updates!

The antique mirror right at the entrance is super special as it belonged to Norman Crawford.

The yellow in the vintage-looking curtains pulls out the yellow crocheted flowers on the pillow shams.  

That dresser has done it's time and is only there until I find a good replacement! :)
It works great though for blanket storage and the basket on the bottom is where I put everything that I want to remember to give my parents when they come visit.  The trunk got moved in front of the window which opens up the room so much more than when it was at the foot of the bed.

The old World War II photograph is a favorite!  As for the antler, I have the boy I've babysat before/after school for years to thank for that!  In fact, you can find several around my house thanks to my little hunting and antler-collecting buddy!

This bed is still one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  
My mom found it years ago stashed in a back corner of a booth in an antique mall for a great price and asked if I wanted it.  Yeah! :)  It's beautifully carved in the Eastlake style and the dark wood shows off so good on the white beadboard walls (pssst - beadboard wallpaper, that is! But everyone gasps and thinks it's the real thing!!)

The faux fireplace (gel fire) switched places with the love seat and also made for a more open floor plan.

I hardly ever, ever, EVER buy decor for my home but I really wanted a green wreath for this wall (boxwood or magnolia to be exact) but I couldn't find one in the budget.  Then I happened upon this moss one for sale at JoAnn's for just $7.50!  I still felt like it was a splurge... haha....  but it was exactly what the big white blank wall needed.  It's hung inside a big black frame I found in my stash by a thick gold ribbon - also found in my craft stash.

Cozy fireplace corner....

 I've scoured the internet looking for info on this old child bust, but can't find one like it.  If anyone has anything to offer, please fill me in!  It has "PRINTEMPS" engraved across the bottom.

And last but not least, we have a pull out love seat for when extra sleeping space is needed!
Come and be our guest! :)

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  1. I used beadboard wallpaper to cover the back side of my kitchen peninsula that faces the dining room. It has an octagonal shaped cabinet at the end and the wallpaper worked great at covering all those angles. Have used it to cover cabinet doors in my laundry room as well. It is a great product and easy to use! Your room looks beautiful and cozy!

  2. I have a question about the wallpaper. Did you have to do any repair to the walls before you hung it? I have a room with pretty beat up walls and I was afraid the wallpaper would show where it wasn't a smooth wall. I love that EastLake bed.

    1. It will show - but probably like in our room, nobody notices but me... but if you're a perfectionist... check out the post I did about the wallpaper here, complete with up close pics of where you can see the messed up walls through the paper:

    2. sorry, copy/paste the url of the blog post or click the photo above the comments to take you to the beadboard wallpaper post.

  3. The bed reminds me of those my grandmother had. I think one of hers was very similar. What a treasure to have. Your room is very inviting! Your guests might not leave! ;)

  4. With regards to the bust, I found this on Etsy which seems to be a pretty good match. Maybe the seller can help you further?


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