Friday, March 3, 2017

The Coffee Nook {Beverage Station - Butler Pantry}

A few years ago, I never dreamt I would have a place just for coffee.  
I didn't even like the SMELL.  But drastic things call for drastic measures.
And to be blunt, coffee makes me poop.
What's the use of beating around the bush? 
Now I love coffee!
(Or I love creamer...caramel macchiato to be exact!)

This was one little spot in our house that totally had me scratching my head.  And it's not cuz I switched from Head and Shoulders to Suave.  We bought this place as a foreclosure on an online auction and while the kitchen was in shambles and needed updating 2 decades previous, this was shiny and new and even had a copper sink!  I did not realize the significance of a copper sink until i had one.  And then I saw a used one for sale in the resale shop for like $300 - I kid you not!  Gulp!

So the little Butler Pantry looked like this:

Nice, but just..... a little boring for my taste.  But whatever, it wasn't like nasty wallpaper was covering the walls or any hideous colors were screaming at me... so I didn't feel like doing anything. It was totally livable, functionable, and so I let it be. 

And then one morning.  I was pouring my coffee.  When some inspiration struck and I thought "today's the day I'm going to give this place some pizzazz!"  Not a lot, but enough to make a statement. 

I ran out to the barn and found a piece of trim that had gone over a doorway.  It fit almost perfectly under the cupboard - just had to cut 1/2 an inch off with the table saw.  I painted it with homemade chalkboard paint and then went rummaging through my hardware.  I wanted hooks, but all I could find were two black ones.   I wasn't about to run out to the store.  I just. Don't. Do that.  More rummaging.... and I  found some black knobs.  Perfect.  I went every other - knob, hook, knob, hook, knob, hook.  

And now you feel like you're back in kindergarten learning about patterns.

I didn't want the same coffee quotes everyone seems to have.... and "brewed yumminess" is what comes to mind when I'm making coffee, so that's what went on the sign.  I guess if I think of something better I can change it easily enough - there's a reason chalkboards are popular.  :)

So my "beverage station" also serves as the back hallway to go from the formal living room, to the kitchen, as you can see below.  I keep the kid's pallet cubby on the left for their school work and books and stuff.

I know this will sound dumb to many of you, but free handing words is SCARY to me.  My handwriting resembles a fourth grade boy's and I've always, ALWAYS used stencils to make my signs.  

My friend Becky Hollow never uses stencils and makes freehanding look SO EASY.
Like I have to try and not get crazy jealous over her amazing talent!
So I got super brave and tried some free hand on my "coffee nook" sign.
It's not awesome by any means, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how it turned out.
Maybe, just maybe, I'll get brave and try it again on some more signs.

See that black cast iron rooster?  My dad made that in his high school shop class.

Here's a closer look at  that special little copper sink:

So I love my boxwood ball on a bed spring.  And I love the chalkboard labels I bought from my kid's school fundraiser.  But what I REALLY love about this.... is that black chevron board.  Know why?
My six year old daughter wanted to paint with stencils one day and did that for me. :)
She's a crafty little one.

She didn't totally line up the stripes, but she's six.  I couldn't care less! :)

I also keep all my paper goods, extra dishes, tea, hot chocolate, ice tea, pitchers, etc. in this area.  We have a mini fridge for all of our Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and Cream Cheese.  I really do need a special fridge for cream cheese.  Last time it was on sale, I bought sixty four boxes.  True story.

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  1. This is such a cute coffee nook & a fun way to join two rooms! Being able to access the coffee easily from the kitchen & the living room both is a great idea!

  2. Sixty-four boxes of cream cheese!!!...What are you doing with all the cream cheese?!

  3. I stock up on cream cheese but you REALLY stock up on cream cheese!!!! It only goes on sale around Easter and Christmas (am I right?) and it keeps long past the date on the box (am I also right?) so it is a good stocker upper!

  4. Kammy, you sound like me when it comes to handwriting. I get made fun of ALL of the time at my job (I work in an office). Most of the MEN can write better than me, so freehanding always scares me as well! However, you did a great job and I love your little coffee nook!

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