Monday, February 27, 2017

Paint A Vintage Suitcase!

Several years ago, I bought some old vintage suitcases for..... get this.... twenty five cents EACH!!!
I've used them for craft show displays, end tables, stacked in the fireplace while waiting for our gas long installation, photo ops, chicken transportation, etc.  Not really on the chickens.  Gotta see if you're reading. ;)

I'm going to dig in the archives and find some of examples:

My stacked suitcase "end table":

Look how cute....  back when she was more cute than sass....

Six years ago when I had the time of my life creating headbands and hats for little sweeties and trying to sell them:

So back to the project at hand!  It really was the fastest and easiest paint job!  I love mixing my own paint colors, and I had this super dark turquoise - which was way to dark for the pop of color I wanted - and I had a sea foam-y green.  Who needs a container to mix paint in?  I just dumped a puddle of each color right on the suitcase and stirred it up with a popsicle stick.  People really do make things more complicated than they need to sometimes.  I used a small craft paint brush so I could easily go around all the leather and metal pieces.  If I wasn't going to take the time to dirty an extra container, I'm sure as the sunset not going to take time to tape off stuff!

 There was no prep work or primer because the surface of this suitcase was very porous and dry.  It soaked the paint in like I soak in water after a triathlon.  Well, if I were ever to do a triathlon... I imagine that that's how it'd be!

And voila! 

 (I'll never forget when I spelled it "Wa La" and a sweet reader corrected me!  I learned the "sound-it-out-method", okay?  Haha.)

So here my newly painted vintage suitcase in it's new home, perched up on the blanket cabinet, giving my brand new hallway makeover a lovely "pop of color" - my favorite aqua blue! :) (See the hallway before and afters HERE.)

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  1. Very nice, what kind of paint do you use?

  2. Love how the suitcase turned out, the colour you mixed is perfect. And I just have to say that WA LA is actually voila, not viola... since you mentioned it in your post ☺.

  3. Oh, I like the Waa Laa just as much! Cool idea to paint the old suitcase!

  4. Love it. And tks for the voilĂ  comment. Wa-la (and other misuses of my language) really gets to me. I feel honored when someone cares enough to do it right. Merci beaucoup.

  5. if you just plopped paint down on the suitcase without taping anything off, how did you keep the locks and hardware so clean?


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