Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Picture Frame To The Rescue - Corner Shelf Makeover

I was in church when I got a text from a friend.  Now y'all know phones should be on silent not vibrate during church so you're not tempted to look at those notifications.  My dad has learned this the hard way. He always joked that every time his phone rang it was because someone needed help - Help, my car won't start!  Help, I need to buy a car!  Help, I need a car ride! Help, help, help!  So he installed the Beatles "Help, I Need Somebody" as his ring tone.  My mom was not amused when in the middle of church "HELP, I NEED SOMEBODY" came blaring out of his pocket.  But anyway, because of our Airbnbs, I have to keep it on vibrate so guests can get a hold of me.  Or that's my excuse.  That and Kristen might be messaging about meeting up at Culver's after the service... So back to the text I get in church.  It's this picture:

Along with: By my sister's dumpster.  Want it?

Duh. Of course I want it. (Note: true friends will pick up crap by dumpsters for their peeps!) While it looked pretty rough, most of it's issues were an easy fix.  It was missing one of it's ball "legs" but since the top was half busted already, the big ball on top was the exact size as the ones on the bottom.  There was also a missing wood ball on the bottom shelf, so I just yanked the one off the other side to make it symmetrical. And of course, white paint makes everything look better.  But then there were the holes left on top that needed to be covered with some trim.  I was digging through my stash of trim boards, and nothing seemed right when a light bulb went on in my head  - use a picture frame!

YES, I do have a miter saw, and YES I can cut a 45 degree angle.  But why, when a (flat undersided) frame has basically already done the work for me??

Folks? Do you know what the world's greatest power tool is?
This. This right here. The cordless Ryobi nail gun.  And they aren't even paying me to say that.  They should, but they're not.

I sanded all the edges to distress it and
 it's surprisingly adorable now, don'tcha think? :)

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