Wednesday, April 29, 2020

TWO Lath Board Coffee Table Makeovers

This is one of those pieces that I picked up once, and the longer it sat in my barn, the worse it got, and the closer it came to getting thrown on the burn pile.  But after years of piling crap on it and working around it, I decided to just refinish the thing.  The bottom was the worst part about it.  Kind of looks like the neglected bagel in my bread drawer.  There comes a point when you just can't save it anymore. So once that wicker bottom shelf got popped out, it was fairly smooth sailing.

World's best dad.  Do I mention that in at least every other blog post?  He not only saved lath boards for me from helping a friend with an old house demo - but he took the nails out and bundled them up for me and drove them to MICHIGAN! Now my dad doesn't audibly say the words "I love you".... but this right here... says it.  

Pair those lath boards with the Ryobi brad nailer and you can't be stopped. 
When I use the staple gun, I say it's my favorite tool! Then when I use the nail gun, I say it's my all favorite tool!  GET BOTH!  They are the best. And then you'll find yourself like me, asking for weird things like V8 lithium batteries for Christmas. (And if you have an awesome Dad like me, you might get them!)

Just use a miter saw to easily cut four lath boards to the right size at the same time, then get them all in place and throw a short brad in each end of the lath board. It goes quick!  Run a sander over the whole top and if you really want it nice, you can dump a can of polyurethane on the top.  I say "dump" because just be aware if you're going to varnish, it will take 58 times the amount a normal surface would because the lath is so darn dry it soaks it up like a redhead's skin soaks up the UV rays.
I painted it with a homemade chalk paint in charcoal black, cleaned up the glass, and you'd never know it was the same nasty table.

And here's coffee table numero dos, a rather cheap flimsy-ish coffee table, 
but thought it'd be cute with the "lath board treatment" on top with a white structure.

Before we made her a house kitty, I had the best little sidekick out in my shop with me!

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  1. Wow! It looks like a totally different table. What a great upgrade!


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