Friday, February 10, 2012

Kit and Caboodle Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

So I was contacted by the wonderful owner of Kit and Caboodle about being a sponsor on Kammy's Korner.  I was THRILLED.  You see, I actually received one of her awesome upcycled berets for Christmas last year as a gift from my mom and I LOVE IT.  It's one of my go-to hats in the winter because for one, I wear alot of gray, and for two I am so in love with the felt layered flower!  
Here I am (thrifted shirt and all)  in my Kit and Caboodle beret - or tam as I call it.  Isn't it adorable??  Not me, Dork, the hat!  (no wonder Tobin calls his brother a dork!  He gets it from his rude mama!  It sounds awful when it comes out of his mouth!!!!  Parents - monkey see, monkey do!  Ahem...)

So I was having some fun messing with photosuite.  But it's a more close up of the fabulous felt flower on the hat.  My son was slightly distraught seeing my skin this color.  Calm down, child.  Anyways, the beret is a perfect fit.  Not loose to fall over your eyes, but not so tight that it gives you that horrible indent on the forehead.  I'd say I have a fairly average head size.  I know, I know, the rest of me is not your average size joe, but I promise my head is of average size.

I didn't ask, but I'm sure my bosom buddy and junkin' partner Maran wouldn't mind me sharing a photo of her little girl in this darling beret.  I LOVE this color combo.  Such a perfect hat to frame a sweet face!

I'm going to let Marti, wonderful mother of three and the creator of Kit and Caboodle, tell you a little about her shop and how she got into making berets:
"I am a life long crafter who loves to create and experiment.  I started making berets out of recycled sweaters and giving them to all of my friends!  The popularity of my berets encouraged me to branch out even more.  I  have discovered the world of knitting and can't keep out of the yarn shops!
While hats are the core of my business, I also enjoy creating other fun accessories and home decor items.  Feel free to browse the website.  You may find that unique gift for someone or something special for yourself!  I hope you like the whole Kit and Caboodle! Custom orders are always welcome!

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  Okay so the part you've been WAITING for!!!  The GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! 

The Prize:  

Winner's Choice of anything on the "Pins and Poms" page on Kit and Caboodle.
Purple Mum Flower Pin
 You MUST use the rafflecopter form to enter!  It's EASY!  As you can see from the form below there are a few different ways you can get entered - including some ways to enter daily to up your chances!  Please be an honest person and make sure you follow through with what you say you are doing (example: posting the link to this post on your facebook page). If I put my trench coat on and track you down and find you weren't honest, I will delete your entry.  Booooo.  Okay, enough of that, this is supposed to be FUNNNNN!!!!!  What are you waiting for?  Get entered!!! :)

Kit and Caboodle is also offering FREE SHIPPING for the month of February!!!  Take advantage!!!

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  1. How cute! Looks good on you too!

  2. It's adorable! And everyone needs an adorable beret (tam), right? ;)

  3. The pink vintage lace one is beautiful.

  4. OK Kams, I KNOW I am kinda dumb, but where on that site can I leave a comment, I cannot find a place! I like the double red hair pom, but I am supposed to leave it on HER site, right???

  5. I like the Pretty in Pink one and the Pumpkin! So cute!

  6. Eva would love something like this! So cute! Thanks for hosting, Kammy! :D

  7. Love your blog! Your outfit is cute.

  8. Love all the berets and pins I own.... Sheila

  9. I love the personalized wool name plaque - so cute!!!

  10. I like the pink vintage lace one
    gokarter418 (at) aol (dot) com

  11. i like the hat and scarf set in brown

  12. I love the Sweet Preemie Hat!
    Thanks :)
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  13. I love the pink vintage lace pin

  14. I love the big girl Just Peachy beret!

  15. Posted to my facebook wall

  16. I like the lavender single hair pom and the valentines one's too

  17. I love the as for me and my house plaque.. its so lovely

  18. So many cute things @ Kit and Caboodle but I think I would choose this as one of my top fav's, Charcoal Beret and Scarf
    Kar :)

  19. Posted on my fb wall :)


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