Friday, April 2, 2010

Kammy + kids + camera = Kam's Kards

These are a few "Kam's Kards" that are used with pictures I take of my boys and just print off at home. I waste a lot of time googling fun birthday sayings to try to go with them. Or, come up with my own - hence the cheesiness! :) All are made with quality cardstock and are 3D. You can purchase any of these, just let me know which ones you like. $1.50 each, or I'll give you a deal if you order 5 or more! These are just a sampling. More to come!
I picked this just for you.
Happy Birthday

Slightly older in other places!
Happy Birthday

And still as sexy as ever!
Happy Birthday

Cuz there's nothing you can do about getting older!
Happy Birthday

Hope you are blessed with a good hair day!
Happy Birthday

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