Saturday, April 10, 2010

Barf, tornadoes, & a lil Angel

The Itty, Bitty reason I've been absent....

April 3rd was an all-time low. 14 days until my due date, miserably preggo, and retching with the stomach flu. I lost count after puke number 20. Two days later, it came back and I drove to the Doctor. I was a pitiful sight and as I heard my name get called by the nurse, burst into tears. Quite embarrassing for this normally tearless chic. Let's make this quick. Sent me to Labor and Delivery, dialated to 3, my friend Sarah was across the hall also in labor (how awesome is that?!), I went home for the night, woke up the next day feeling great and figured "no baby", but headed to my scheduled Dr. apt. He said, hey let's go back up to L&D and I'll just get some induction going on. YAY. One reason I love Dr. Farhat so much. There are many reasons, including the crazy rooster tails his hair gets going on some days, but that's another subject. I was having lots of contractions. Tim and I get to the elevator and are stopped from heading to the fourth floor because of a tornado warning. We are herded into a back hallway. Everyone is staring at "the girl in labor". I WANNA HAVE THIS BABY so I sneak away into a corner and start doing lunges as discreetly as possible. Over the next little while, several nurses kept questioning about my condition and asked if they could carry me to the 4th floor. Finally, Tim and I decided it was time to just go up so I walked all four flights hoping it would get things moving. Life would be too boring without a touch of drama now and then. Anyways, after Ptosin, a cool Harley biker nurse, and a few hours of pain (or is it torture, excruciating hurt, to the point of murderous thoughts pain?) out popped the cutest little baby - Tori Jan. Weighing 7lbs 10 oz and loads of thick black hair. Now it's back to guilt-free spray painting and varnish. :) Oh yeah, and with no more gestational diabetes to worry about, how on EARTH am I going to get rid of this baby fat?! Bring on carbs, dessert, juice...

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