Thursday, June 3, 2010

First come, first serve

Goodwill mirror BEFORE
So it is with Craigslist.  You gotta be on top of your game to ever get something good on the "free" list.  And if you live in my county, there's only something "good" in that category every 5 weeks.  One day, I clicked on to see if there was anything worthy of checking into and low and behold I see "Free - dresser".  There was no picture, but the description said it was "one of those sturdy, solid wood ones, unlike the cheap junk made today".  I called and said I'd take it. Then I made the reluctant call to my husband, the kind he is finally getting used to, to tell him he needed to pick it up after work.  An hour or so later, the dresser's owner called me to make sure I was serious, since her phone was ringing off the hook with eager free-furniture-seekers.  That afternoon, hubby Tim pulled in with a huge purple dresser, matching nightstand, and 2 large pieces of glass that fit on the tops.  I loved it! And how I wish I'd been smart enough to take a before picture.  But alas, you will have to use your imagination.  It's missing a drawer knob, but we can live with that.  The mirror, I found on a half off sale at Goodwill for $4.  Like everything else I acquire, it just needed a little paint!  It is now my 3 year old's set, and  holds almost all of his clothes.
LOVE the style of this nightstand.  Wasn't so crazy about it purple!  haha
Purple dresser turned 2 toned "boyish" with repainted mirror

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