Tuesday, June 15, 2010

from days gone by...

Our civil war era house got completely renovated before we bought it.  Otherwise, we wouldn't have bought it.  The barn had quite the stash of old doors, windows, woodwork, etc.  I knew some day I'd get an idea and find a little time to do something with this great stash.  Well, after seven years of looking at those doors and no gumption to turn them into the stunning headboards I dreamed of, I posted them on Craigslist for $10 each.  Some sold.  Some sat in the rain and rotted.  However, one day as I rummaged through my grandparents basement, I found some wedding pictures that they were more than willing to let me have.  I decided these old pics would be just the perfect thing for one of those windows.  And here we are.  Please excuse the missing buttons.  I'm aware there is a hunk of glue where buttons once adorned this window, but my sweet hubby hung it on the wall for me, over the stairway and didn't bother to tell me as he hung it that some had the urge to bungee jump, without the rubberband.  I have no way of reaching it to fix this problem, and he has no way of getting the motivation to get it back off.  Humph.
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  1. Great idea - we're putting in new windows in our old Victorian House and I have a bunch of HUGE storm windows and a couple little ones exactly like this one - I've been wanting to use it as a frame but not really sure how to put the pictures in it... now I'm a little more inspired.


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