Friday, June 18, 2010

Thrifty Thoughts #11-15

11. Instead of plastic wrap, use....drum roll please.... shower caps!  If you're at a hotel, these usually come complimentary in a little box.  Cover dishes with them, wash, and reuse!  They do make these for food, but you'd have to pay for them. :)  p.s. yesterday while driving to a lawn site, I stopped in at a garage sale and among the great finds I got was a flower shower cap, new in the package for 25 cents.  For the extra money, I thought it would be fun to see the flowers in my fridge.  haha.  I'm being a little sarcastic... sort of??
12. Pack your lunch for work.  Add up how much you spend buying lunch in a month.  Now add up how much it costs to throw leftovers in a lunch bag, or make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  You'll save enough money to build the patio in a previously mentioned blog (May 24)!  Oh, and for those of you who are not morning people - I pack the lunch the night before.  Or while I'm putting leftovers from supper away, slip some into a container (an empty sour cream container of course, see tip # 14!) and straight into the lunchbox so it's all ready to grab in the morning.
13. When you buy sponges for your kitchen, cut them in half.  You don't need a mammoth one to get the job done.  When it's time to have a funeral for your sponge, you have the other half to replace it.
14. Never buy plastic storage containers for leftovers.  When finished with a plastic butter dish, cool whip, etc., don't throw it away!  Wash it and throw it in your tupperware drawer.  This is great when you want to send leftovers home with a friend - don't need to worry about getting your container back.  (This tip is just a given... right?!!!  I thought so... until some friends of mine made fun of me when they saw what I did!!)
15. Wash and reuse the big zip lock bags.  Unless they've had raw meat in them, then I tend to toss them.  I reuse the sandwich size ones on occasion like when I put some cookies in one for my hubby's lunch.  Next day, put his fresh cookies in it again.  Uhhh, I mean, carrot sticks.  Haha.

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