Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our new "Pool"

Okay so I wanted a pool.  Inground.  I sort of got one.  But one that doesn't call for an expensive new liner when boys toss in sharp objects,  or call for chemicals, or pool ladders, etc.  Okay, maybe the chemical part isn't totally true.  AND this "pool" can be used in the winter!  How do you like that?  Okay so we call it our swimming hole, the poor man's pool.  But someday.... I still would love a real in ground money eater....  but how practical is that in Michigan?  Last summer we had one good super hot week, and then in the middle of July, we wore winter coats - and I am not exaggerating - to the Hot Air Jubilee.  Winter coats!!  Anywho, they say Iowan's are hillbillys.  But I happen to think Michigan has turned me into one.  But I don't mind.

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