Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kitchen Makeover - PART ONE

Before Beauty
I loved my cobalt blue kitchen.  Afterall, blue has always been my favorite color.  (Yes, I love orange too, but blue has been with me through thick and thin and you can't forsake a friend like that!).  But after 7 years, the "change" bug was really biting me.  And leaving quite an itchy spot!!  Those cupboards always bugged me.  Man I wanted to paint them.  But it just seemed so sinful.  But a good friend nudged me in the "go for it" direction, so I went for it, baby!  My white and cobalt blue kitchen is now what my dad calls machine gray.  Sounds pretty, eh?  Cabinets are black on the bottom and white on top, painted with Behr Semi Gloss Enamel.  It was expensive paint at about $35 a gallon, but last I checked, that's a penny in the bucket compared to buying new cabinets!!  We went with that brand because that's what the dude at Lowe's said would be our best bet.  I also took all the hardware (pulls) off and spray painted them silver.  Again, quite a bit cheaper that new. However, if you have to buy new, don't go anywhere until you look at Ebay.  I don't know why, but brand new on ebay is waaaaay cheaper than in the store and there is an amazing variety to choose from.
Money saving tip: mix your own paint.  This can be scary, but just use your brain and remember that blue and yellow make green.  I had some white on hand, some black, some blackish brown, some gray....
We (me and my dear mother who came from Iowa to help me with this overwhelming project) stirred it all together and tested it on the wall until I had something I liked.
Beautimous!!! no??  I'm like a proud parent looking at this here corner of my kitchen. :)

Stay tuned for more of this kitchen makeover such as: painting the countertops, the decor, and much more - on a shoestring of cours
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  1. LOOKS AWESOME! Can't wait to read your tutorial on painting countertops. :)

  2. Kammy, Great job... You need to get your own TV show on HGTV:-)!
    Andrew & Sheila

  3. Yay! Valspar! Thank you for shopping at Lowes. We love you!!


  4. Looks fantastic! I saw you on Better After and popped over to check it out. Painting cabinets is so NOT fun. Yours look great! And you're so brave to mix your own paint...I'd be afraid I'd never be able to "fix" something cause I wouldn't know the "recipe." Anyway, love it, can't wait to see how the rest looks.

  5. I found you on Better After and I had to stop by and tell you that I LOVE your kitchen makeover!! I'm off to explore more of your blog...

  6. Thanks a bunch, ladies!!! I almost always mix my own paint using mistints that I find here and there - but yeah, it's gotten me into trouble when I haven't mixed enough and have about 3 feet left to go and can't get the same "recipe". haha!

  7. It's amazing the effect a little paint can make! lovely job!

  8. Love the color! Thanks for sharing your makeover, I'm your newest follower. Tabitha@


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