Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kam's Kards

My smallest money maker, yet my favorite hobby, is making cards!!  For Christmas and birthdays, not much quite matches my excitement when I open a present and it's full of fun cardstock, scrapbooking skickers, and brads!  Unless of course it's a new pair of boots from my husband.  Then I'm over-the-moon.  I'm obsessed with boots.  Boots are the only positive thing winter has going for it.  Back to cards.  My hubby has a cousin (which has resulted in her being my pal) who sends a birthday card to everyone and their brother.  And their brother's grandma, and aunt, and electrician....  well maybe not their electrician but seriously, she goes through a lot of cards.  It's a super sweet thing to do and it keeps me in business since she orders her cards from me!  Here's the spread from yesterday.  If you'd ever like to order cards, shoot me an email -  $1.10 each is what I charge.  I just decided that.  Plus $2 for shipping and handling, if your order requires that.

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