Saturday, October 2, 2010

Purple Polka Dots

While leaving the only town pizza joint one day (which sadly closed it's doors a couple weeks ago), I glanced across the street which resulted in me snatching this up at a garage sale for $1.
So after stashing above end table in my chicken house for about a year, I decide it would look great with polka dots.  Now listen.  Don't go running to the closest craft store and buy a circle stencil if you get the polka dot urge.  After all, one of the ideas of this blog is living on a shoestring!  I searched around the house and found a laminated something-or-other that wasn't the style of my decor any more and cut a circle in it.  Hello, free stencil.
And here it is, about a year after I found it!! Yes, sometimes it takes me that long to get to something!  I love painting furniture fun and girly!  Ironic coming from me, I know!

A polka dot shelf......
A dresser BEFORE, similar to the one below......
And this old wood dresser that once painted, sold faster than I could say "craigslist".

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