Thursday, October 21, 2010

new headbands added!

Check out the new headbands on the for sale buttons to the left!  A disclaimer about the turquoise flowers - it was a little experiment.  I didn't have any turquoise flowers so I spray painted some so they're a little "crispy" feeling, not soft like the others....  But they still look pretty awesome if I do say so myself.....  and Tori didn't seem to mind it.  Then again, she's a pretty easy goin' little sugar n' spice baby girl!  Can you tell I'm lovin' shmuvin' having a little girl?!!!


  1. Love your headbands. Do you use hot glue gun to get the flowers on or do you sew them on?

  2. Thank you!! I use hot glue - it makes them almost indestructible. I had made one for my daughter and didn't like the color so was going to put a different flower on it and it was nearly impossible to dismantle that thing!


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