Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pork, pork, & more pork. Cheap supper!

Where I do my grocery shopping, pork can be a super deal.  And I like to keep my pig farmer friend, Joe, in business.  What to do with all that pork in a huge package?  I hate it when I throw it in the freezer, only to pull it out a few weeks later and I only want 3 strips of those 10 super-frozen-together chunks - you know my dilemma.  But when it's $1.19 a pound, and cheaper than hamburger (which really isn't all that cheap!), I'm going with it!  Here's what I do:

Take a few strips and cut them with a kitchen sheers into bite-size chunks, and put them in a freezer container.

Season them real good so the meat can soak in the flavor while it sits in the freezer and dreams about the warmth of an oven.  I use seasoned meat tenderizer and onion powder.  Then in the future you can just grab it out of the freezer and dump it in a skillet for some quick stir fry!  Big time saver!!

I pull out a portion for one meal and wrap it up real good in plastic wrap and label it.  Might want to toss it into a zip lock bag too for extra insurance against freezer burn.

My hubby's favorite way to eat this pork:

I take about 3 strips of this bone-in rib meat or shoulder meat and put it in a slow cooker (not a crock pot, I use an ancient old plug-in slow cooker) and pour barbecue sauce all over the pork.  Sometimes I use ketchup and honey or brown sugar.  Cook it all day.  The bottom will get an almost crispy texture.  Mmmm.  It just melts in your mouth!  My 2 and 4 year old love it too!  I usually serve it with rice, as the extra sauce from the pan is great poured over it.

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