Saturday, October 9, 2010

The old, tired desk is revived!!

Introducing the infamous "BEFORE" photo. If "before photos" had feelings, I would really feel bad for posting how awful they look.  It's kind of like when women go in for a makeover and they feature the before and after shots in a magazine.  You know they make them look as frumpy as possible in the "before" picture.  I mean come on, I'm sure she didn't go out in public with frizzy hair, dark circles under her eyes, wax balls in her ears, you get the point.....  But let's see this desk with it's "hair styled, ears cleaned, and make up on, baby"!

All.  Snazzed. Up.  And would you believe this is the desk my neighbor picked up for me at an auction for five smackin' bucks?  That's right!!  Mmmmm how I wish I had a place in my home for this.

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