Monday, October 11, 2010

Spider Table

I don't know what possessed me to paint a spider on this little table.  I have a fear larger than Hercules of spiders.  Could it be because Halloween is right around the corner?
 Not that celebrating the devil is something we uhhh celebrate (goodness, my poor deprived children haven't even experienced trick or treating!).  Seriously though, give me a mouse any day.  I catch the mice in our house and kill 'em, as long as hubby gets the spiders.  That's how we worked it out 10 years ago.

Our house seems to have many more mice than spiders, however!  But as you can see, they can provide great entertainment.

I did finally quit tormenting this mouse if you must know, and it met an untimely death outside....I will spare you the details.  Afterall, I have a hunch my audience is largely female....


  1. cute table... did you free-hand the spider? What is your trick?

  2. That table is so cute! You are so inspiring.
    We just "trick or treat" by visiting our family in costume. An excuse to visit and the kids to be cute, right? And...they don't end up with much candy since most family members buy them something other than candy.

  3. THAT IS SICK kammy. I HATE mice.

  4. Dear Brandt Family,

    I'm not real good at "free hand".... I went on google and googled "spider clipart" and found a pretty spider picture and used that to look at while I drew it.

  5. Robin, we just may do that for trick or treating this year! If it's not too cold... or raining.... :)

  6. ewwww!!!!! that poor mouse. I couldn't kill a mouse or a spider. Neither bother me but I've only have spiders here. Yuck!


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