Thursday, November 4, 2010

The McDonald's Lesson for Naughty Kids

So I wasn't a very nice mom today.  I say this with a slightly evil grin.  My little baby had her seven month check up today.  Well, it was supposed to be 6 month, but we kind of lost track of time.  It tends to happen 'round here!  The kids did great, especially Tori who smiled through the whole doctor visit excluding about 10 seconds when she had to get those ouchy shots.  So I decided while we were in town we should stop at Wal Mart.  As we pull in the parking lot, I review with the boys our rules for being out in public.  Tobin recites them with no problem.  1. Stay with Mommy.  2.  No fighting.  3.  No being loud.  4.No hiding in the clothing racks.  Okay, good to go.  Let's just say rule number 2 got severely broken.  Like they took a machete to it, and then an ax and hacked it into a thousand pieces!  They both knew a good swat on the rear end was awaiting them when they got home.  It was lunch time and my stomach was really growling.  In my head I entertained the thought of the dollar menu at the McDonald's across the street.  No, those kids didn't deserve McDonald's today.  But I haven't been a bad girl!  That does it, this will be a good lesson for them.  I told them I was going to take them to Micky D's for a treat today, but they had been disobedient and wouldn't be able to eat there.  However, I was still going to.  Tobin looked shocked.  "Well what are WE gonna do?!"  "You'll have to watch me eat, I guess".  (Now before you think I'm using food deprivation as a discipline tactic, note that I gave them peanut butter and jelly when we got home.)  I wasn't about to haul my sleepy baby and the 2 boys into the restaurant so I went through the drive through.  The whole time, my 2 year old is crying because he wants McDonald's.  My four year old keeps reminding him "Ty, we were disobedient, and fighting over the cart and coupons, that's why we don't get to." I order my McChicken and a water while Ty keeps repeating "want some, want some".  I ask, "Ty, why is it that you don't get any?"  Tobin starts up with his well rehearsed answer, but I stop him and say I want to hear it from Ty.  But all Ty can get out is a voice cracking "because, because, because...."   He is quite heartbroken while I enjoy my McDonald's in front of them.  We'll see how they are during our next trip to Wal Mart!  Hmmmm.


  1. hahaha... that is HILARIOUS!!!!! And, quite a good lesson as well :)

  2. Sadly, if they are anything like my kids, they won't remember the lesson.

  3. I have done that before and it worked a treat the next time we took a trip to the store! but alas they are still a nightmare shopping.


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