Saturday, November 6, 2010

Canvas Paintings in the browns

A friend of mine has been slowly clearing her house of accumulated stuff she no longer wants.  I have been oh-so-happy to be on the receiving end of much of this "stuff"!!!  Oh how I love it when I get a phone call that starts out something like this, "Kammy, I was cleaning and I have some stuff you might be interested in....".  Anyways, the latest that I have inherited are some previously painted canvases.  You know  I'm into upcycling!  Oh yeah!  So here are the new paintings.  Lucky for me, my artist mother is here to give me lots of tips.  "Mom, check out my painting!!!!"  "Ohhhhh it's not done yet.  You need lots more shading on that flower... and the middle could use some lighter touches, and you forgot to dot your "i"!!"   I'm going like crazy to get stuff done for a HUMONGO craft show I will have a booth at next Saturday.  If you are in the Jackson County area, be sure to stop in - it will be well worth your time with around 90 craft vendors there!  Start your Christmas shopping!!!  It's at the Western High School on Dearing Road. 

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