Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Once I was using a public restroom...

I was just 16 years old.  Coke bottle glasses, braces, and chicken legs.  We were in Estes Park, Colorado, hoping to summit Long's Peak, if the ice would melt in time.  We were in the grocery store stocking up on hiking necessities like granola bars, beef jerky, Gatorade, and Snickers.  While everyone was in the check-out line, I decided I'd better make a bathroom run.  I checked and rechecked the sign.  Yup, WOMENS.  There were two stalls.  I'm in the middle of my business when I hear the door open and I see big boots from under the door.  A quick glance through the crack to the mirror reveals an older man heading for my stall door.  I clear my throat and bellow out, "hey Sir, you're in the wrong bathroom!"  No reply.  I look through the crack and my eyes meet  another pair of eyes.  First, I think I quit breathing, as I see his fingers slip over the top of my door.  Then I'm pretty sure my heart stopped pumping all together when he starting shaking the door.  I mean seriously folks, he shook the daylights out of that darn door!  I'll never forget my eyes bulging, staring at that lock and praying it wouldn't wiggle open!  I was also hoping like mad someone else would come in!  But they didn't.  He finally gave up and stood against the wall.  I'm almost too shaky to pull up my pants. Now to get out.  I muster up some courage, send up a quick prayer, and bust out, making a bee line for the door. I still don't know if it was some old man with dementia who wandered out of a nursing home or some sicko registered sex offender.  But I will never let my children go into a public restroom alone!  And you shouldn't either, got it?  Good!  Cuz that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

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  1. And THAT'S why girls go to the bathroom in groups! lol Sadly, I have to send my boy in alone. I always ask him what he has to do in there, that way I can know if he's taking too long or not!


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