Monday, December 27, 2010

Free Kid's Outting

Kids itching to get out?  Want something that will be a learning experience, FREE, and give great memories?  A visit to the local fire station!  A friend of mine is lucky enough to live a few blocks from the one in their town.  She and her two cute, rambunctious grandkids walked down and asked the firefighter that was on duty if they could get shown around.  He and his firefighter pal were more than happy to give the kids a tour!  So when we were out visiting in Iowa over the Christmas holiday, my mom decided we'd give it a go.  The kids came home with packs of fireman cards (like baseball cards, with a picture and little write up of each firefighter), and the infamous little red fire chief hats.  Along with an explanation of all the rescue trucks, we got to see where they sleep, eat, and watch TV too.  Pretty cool for mommy to see too!!
P.S. Don't forget to bring them a plate of cookies!

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