Monday, December 20, 2010

Raving over Rebates

I usually skip right over the ads that are about rebates.  What a hassle. Maybe because once I bought expensive paint because it was supposed to be half off after the rebate and I don't know what I did wrong, but they wouldn't send me the check.  So a few weeks ago, I got the Rite Aid ad in the mail and the whole back page was covered in things that were FREE after rebates.  Were these things I would normally buy?  Probably not, but hey if they're truly free, what's there to lose?  I gave the ad to hubby man with the assignment to go buy everything on the rebate page.  (Don't want to make a special trip in to town ya know, he's already there for work).  He did, and here's the loot!  A couple weeks later, the rebate came in the mail, enough $$ to cover all of it!  Yay!  I love free!  I even drank one of those Immune+ things when everyone in my house was getting sick before my friend's wedding and I didn't want to be a "doped-out-on-cold-meds" bridesmaid and I didn't get sick!  Who knows if it was the Immune+, but what's to say it wasn't?  Thank you, Rite Aid!

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