Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coffee table before and after

It is Saturday, and I have zilch in my brain to blog about.  So you're getting a before and after of a coffee table that I dug up from the photo archives on my computer.  I really should have plenty to blog about - after all, Tobin had a little 8 year old girl who is bursting apart at the seams with imagination, vocabulary that would make a high school Enlish teacher proud, and non-stop chitter chattering using that vocab, spend the night last night.  They got a few hours of sleep.  Oh my.  I never take naps on Saturday, but I did today! 

After.  I painted it black, obviously :), and then I used Old English stain on the caning on the bottom.  It was hard to get it even, especially since I spilled some directly on the piece and it soaked it up like a sponge!  Rats.  Probably had a baby on one hip.  Babies and stain are not a good combo.  And with that, good night, I'm out of here.

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