Monday, January 24, 2011

The extra bathroom floor tile

My bathroom floor.  Beautiful, huh.  I personally might have gone with something a little brighter, but hey, I'm not about to rip that nice ceramic tile up!  They must have had one left over, obviously, since it was in one of the kitchen drawers when we moved in.

 I found these soft foam things in a bag of crafty stuff I bought at a garage sale and hot glued them onto the bottom so the tile wouldn't scratch my newly painted counter tops.
It looks nice enough to keep out on my kitchen counter as a cutting board....

And makes a great trivet!  Okay, so am I the only one that has lived my life scared to death to put a frozen pizza "directly on the rack"???  I guess I always pictured cheese dripping down and burning on the bottom, or the whole crust flopping over inbetween the cracks and erupting into flames and having to run and find the fire extinguisher, which I have no idea how to use... anywoo you get the point. But the last couple of frozen pizza's I've made, I decided to follow the directions.  I'm sick of a less than crispy crust.  It has turned out PERFECT!!!!  No more dirtying up a cook sheet!  When it's done, I just slide it onto my new handy dandy pizza plate aka extra bathroom tile and slice 'er up.

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