Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Have A Winner!!

So not being a very techy savvy person, I didn't know how to use those random giveaway winner things that everyone's using these days sooooo I painstakingly gave all contestants a number and then had Tobin draw a number.  The winning number???


okay, so that doesn't do you much good until you know who that is, huh.  Well I confession to make here.  I was tempted - teeeeeeempted - to quick throw that one back in and tell Tobin to draw another one because well, I have to mail the prize to Mexico!  But my conscience would never let me do such a thing!  No worries!  Haha!  So that could only mean one thing....  the winner is  SHELLEY!!!!!!!!   And who cares if I gotta send it South of the border, what was I thinking?!!  You deserve to win.  You've been SUCH a faithful follower, and probably should win an award for the most comments on my blog.  Please get at me with what you'd like - 2 headbands or a pack of Kam's Kards.  I know how to say Feliz Compleanos, I could make some cards that have espanol!  :)

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  1. Well lucky for Kammy she is off the hook, she only has to send the headbands to Iowa:) So do NOT feel TOO sorry for her:)


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