Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Roadside Chair Before and After

Oh how I love when people put their stuff on the side of the road and I get there before the garbage truck!!!  One day this past fall, I was toodling down a back road in my F150, pulling my trusty Deere on my dilapidated trailer, when my "junk by the road" radar went off and there was a chair.  I hollered out my window to the dude in the yard and he hollered back "It's all yer's" and oh was I happy.  I cranked up the kerosene heater in the barn and gave 'er a new look yesterday, thank goodness for left over curtain fabric.  Here's your before and after fix for the day: aaaaaaaaaaand as I go to upload my pics I'm panicking as I realize I DIDN'T GET A BEFORE SHOT!!!! NOOOO!!!!  How could this be? I have failed you.  Well, you'll have to use your imagination.  Light colored wood with this HIDEOUS almost metalic silver weave through a brown and beige fabric.  I'm ticked at myself.  Trust me, it was a doozy.  So here's your after minus the before.

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  1. I did that to something once. Remade it but didn't think to take a before picture. Darn eh? lol The chair looks great! :)


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